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Sierraville, although appearing at first like a quiet rural village, is actually the hub of a lot of action. Recreation in the Sierras is a main attraction, but so much more goes on here.  If you are an artist or an adventurer, either with paint, a camera, or a pair of skis you will be inspired.  You might be staying a day or two on your long motorcycle journey, taking in the Sierra Hot Springs, or just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery.  The Valley House is where you want to be.


Go up and down mountains for miles. Or take a nice quiet walk. Either way, you will find yourself in a pristine Sierra setting, with a perfect Alpine lake to jump into and a big old tree to close your eyes under. 

Hot Springs

The Valley House is minutes away from the Sierra Hot Springs Resort, an all-season natural hot springs in a serene setting. It offers yoga, spa treatments and massage. Clothing optional.

Bird Watching

The Sierra Valley is the Frequent Flyer Lounge for a multitude of avian travelers on their way around the globe.  Just like guests at the Valley House -some stay for a while and some are just passing through.  Your chances of seeing a special bird here are good year round.

Less than an hour drive from Sugar bowl, Alpine Meadows/Squaw and Northstar.  And closer to Sierraville is an abundance of back country skiing and cross-country skiing options. The famous Johnsville Ski area too.   Also a great base for snowmobiling.

 Skiing & Snow Sports


The Sierra Valley is home to some of the best road biking in Northern California with its striking scenery and diverse roadways. And out your back door, you can have the mountain bike ride of your life! Downieville and the Sierra Buttes, home to the famous terrain of the Downieville Down Hill is just a quick drive away. This place was made for two wheels!

You will eat well here. The Valley house has three excellent eateries within a one minute walk. Or visit Sierra Valley Farms farmer's market and pick up all the ingredients for a special meal to prepare back at your peaceful place at The Valley House.


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